Short read murder mysteries:

Jerry Jackson (book 1)

J J Kennard books

A sleepy Norfolk coastal resort hits the headlines when an anonymous tip-off reveals thirteen corpses in a basement. Why are they arranged in a circle and what’s the connection between them?

In this, the first of four short-read murder mysteries, we follow newly promoted Detective Constable Jerry Jackson’s adventures as he becomes entangled in a case where the killer is closer than he realises and has yet to complete his death toll.

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About the Author

author jerry kennardJerry Kennard is an author and blogger. This site showcases his self-help and fiction books.

Jerry spent the first 17 years of his working life in the National Health Service. He then moved into higher education, where he taught and researched in matters psychological. In 2008 he removed the shackles of servitude and began working for himself. He hasn’t looked back!



This is Alf. Alf listens to my first drafts and audiobooks. He concentrates by closing his eyes, sometimes for hours at a time, often way beyond what is strictly necessary.

His other interests involve eating, walking, snacking, sleeping and eating more. When approaching strangers he is usually met by the comment, ‘you’re a big boy aren’t you?’