Free Audio Book Promo Site

My latest project is aimed towards Indie authors looking for a place to shift those promo codes made available by Audible. The general idea of the promo code is for authors to use their social media sites in order to gain interest so they can give them away.

If like me, you’re not terribly interested in setting up and running a variety of social media sites, it’s probably tempting just to ignore the promo code system and hope your catchy title will do the job for you. For a long time, I did just this, but a friend who’d narrated one of my books uploaded it to a promo site and I quickly began to see the results.

If you’re still following me you might still be thinking, so what? Well, what I’ve come to appreciate, is that any ‘sale’, whether via a promo code or not, does a couple of things. First, it helps nudge your audiobook up the rankings. Secondly, you’ll make money, even distributing free promo codes. It’s a win-win situation. You get the aforementioned and the listener gets a free audiobook to enjoy. If you’re lucky, they will also leave you a review.

Yet another useful feature of the revenue share approach to promo codes is that the narrator is just as entitled as the author to promote them. As an author, I’ve given some of my promo codes to my narrator when she needed extra.

And so to the shameless self-promotion of my site. It’s called freeaudiobooks – not a catchy name, more a does what it says on the tin, approach. It’s not the only promo distribution site around, but it’s free and it will stay that way. The site was born this month and already there are over 70 books on its virtual shelves. People are requesting promo codes, so it’s doing what it’s supposed to. Find out more by visiting the site. I think it’s pretty straight forward, but there is a contact form if you’ve got any questions. Visit