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Alzheimer’s Disease: an A-Z for new caregivers

Nearly two thirds of people with Alzheimer’s live at home and the time, on average, between diagnosis and the need for nursing care is seven years. That’s a lot of time in which to provide your loved one with practical and emotional support and to give increasingly higher levels of assistance with activities of daily living. This A-Z for new caregivers is a practical and informative.

The author, Christine Kennard, is herself a former caregiver, health professional, and well-regarded health blogger. Writing alongside her husband, Dr. Jerry Kennard, they use their considerable personal and professional experience to provide an accessible and easily understood guide.

Is this book for you? If you’re a new caregiver or simply interested in the scope of caregiving I think you’ll find this particular book useful. This book, in its A-Z format, allows quick answers to questions that are detailed enough to answer a question or guide you as to the next step. As a first book for practical insights or advice this holds its own.

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