anxiety and stress A-Z
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Anxiety and Stress: an A-Z for beginners

There are plenty of choices available when it comes to books on anxiety and stress. They tend to fall into either academic or self-help categories and I’ve nothing against either. This book is a little different. It isn’t academic, but it is informed academically, and it isn’t a self-help book in the true sense of the word. So what is it?

The title holds the clue. We all know of the existence of anxiety and stress but how many of us know just how influential they are on our lives, our work, our relationships with others and the things we do? I’ve provided an A-Z of anxiety and stress related issues. It doesn’t cover everything (I’d need a few volumes for that) so much as it identifies examples of typical everyday issues most people can identify with.

To this end the book will be useful to anyone with a curiosity as to the general nature and effects of anxiety and stress. It provides brief insights into the complexities, the mechanisms and the sheer enormity of issues in our lives that are influenced and affected by anxiety and stress. Whether you start at the beginning and work your way through or just dip into the chapters that stir your curiosity, you should, I hope, find something of interest.