guide to panic attacks
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Panic Attacks: a short introductory guides

In this subject guide, psychologist Dr. Jerry Kennard provides a concise and informal introduction to panic attacks, panic disorder and the management of panic. The guide is for people who want something more than a leaflet or a webpage, but less than a formal textbook.

. . .an excellent book which is well organized and very informative. 
Amazon: Greg L Friedman MD, Psychiatrist

There was a time when the study of the human condition and mental health specifically was confined largely to students of psychology, medicine or nursing, or those involved in social care or health-related occupations. Today the message is finally filtering through that mental illness is extremely common and is not something to be feared or hidden away.

. . .it’s a must have, must read, and must practice book!
Amazon: Sunil U. Thakur