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Genre: Fiction>Humour & Satire
Format: eBook, Audiobook

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Rio in Elysium

A light fantasy drama with touches of humour.

Rio’s father is a disabled military veteran who carves out a new life as a popular writer of historical fiction novels, but his self-contained lifestyle keeps his loved ones at a distance. When his past catches up with him he overdoses on antidepressants. Rio is at his bedside when he is declared dead. Remembering his passion for Ancient Rome, she places a small coin in his mouth. The effect is dramatic. He starts breathing but remains in a coma.

Rio discovers that by emulating the coin in the mouth, she is able to follow her father to Roman heaven – the place they call Elysium. Her quest is to bring her father back to life and to establish the relationship lost to her. But in order to achieve this, she needs help.