supernatural thriller

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Genre: Fiction>Horror>Occult
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A Christmas miracle! Her paralysis, cured by the stranger who only needed to hold her hands. So why was she cruelly robbed of the gift so soon afterwards? Why is she dying?

Psychiatrist Ben Sheldon is perplexed. Why the rapid mental decline in his patients? How does the death of the local priest and the arrival of an exorcist from Rome tie the pieces together?

Now, with his own family at risk from the mysterious and malign presence, Ben Sheldon must collaborate with unlikely allies to try and save them.

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“Spite” is a slow burner (in the best sense), that really lights up into a blaze as the story progresses. A very enjoyable listen. 
Audible: Jupiter
Great book. Story was great was able to follow story line with no problems characters well defined narrator’s voice was clear and smooth.
Audible: Thrones

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